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      06 Jan

    I'm scared to play single player now... Every time I get a nice base and a lot of materials the world crashes and is unusable forever...

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      23 Oct
    Andrio Celos

    Well, it would appear that Community Game Night has died. It will be fondly remembered.

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Is The Game Still Supported?

General Discussion 19 Mar 2016
Long time since no updates, is this game still supported by the Devs?
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This Forum And Game Are Dead. No Help What-So-Ever!

Questions & Assistance 16 Feb 2016
I hosted a DS on my laptop. I then join it from my desktop which works beautifully. What doesn't work is the fact that I don't have any items at start and there seems to be no life (no enemies) in the game. What is going on? Can I get some help? I tweeted at EdgeOfSpace but have yet to hear anyth...
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Steam Key And Rain Dg

Questions & Assistance 31 Jan 2016
Hey, I brought this game years ago on Rain DG and recently saw it was on Steam. Is there a program for people who brought it on Desura and Rain DG to get a Steam key without having to buy the game again?
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World Load Fail :( And New World Create Wait Wait Wait No...

Bug Reports 23 Jan 2016
World load fail and New world create wait wait wait no create world ;( Sorry i am little speak english pleas basic chat Sorry realy bad bug i work 6 hours and buildin machines cleaning map questins finish realy bad ;( Pls admin helpme. Lucky the crate world one map play exit play exit save and a...
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Eos Stops Responding After First Steps In Single Player.

Bug Reports 22 Jan 2016
EoS stops responding after first steps in single player. Drivers are all up to date and I've restarted since install. Not having problems with any other games.My specs:Operating SystemWindows 7 Home Premium 64-bit SP1CPUAMD FX-8350 25 ┬░CVishera 32nm TechnologyRAM8.00GB Dual-Channel DDR3 @ 666MHz...
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