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Patch V1.06 - Happy Halloween!

Posted by Lady Aijou , in Patch Notes 29 October 2015 · 1,757 views

Hey ArkCoNauts!
Don’t worry, we didn’t die! We’ve been a little quieter this last couple of weeks, as we’ve dug in to get the Halloween event together and in game, as well as continuing to fight bugs and make quality of life improvements. As you can see, we’ve been far from idle, and now we present the Halloween patch. Enjoy!
NOTE: we are tracking an issue that prevents rewards for halloween dungeon from being granted in some Multiplayer instances.

Headline Feature
  • Halloween Dungeon event!!

  • Added zoom speed slider to options
  • Zoom now works when on a vehicle
  • SFX volume functions properly now
  • Adjusted headhunter impact sound
  • Corrected issues that could cause or lead to: players moving off screen, vehicles moving off-screen, world chunks not loading at the edge of screen in multiplayer, and an infinite loading screen when moving quickly in multiplayer
  • Corrected an issue that could cause items to be removed from chests when activating the chest
  • Cubbs’ upgrade quest now autocompletes if the player has 12 or more upgrades
  • Adjusted DJ penguin’s contact damage and size to prevent exploits
  • The crafting window is now paginated instead of scrolled
  • Reduced the volume and range of command center sounds
  • Upgrade podiums no longer show icons if player has that upgrade or returns to the area
  • Corrected issues that could prevent boss/npc rooms from generating in certain dungeons
  • Added tooltips to knowledge window tabs
  • Increased the height of the character panel
  • Adjusted science xp burst text to be smaller
  • Removing placeables is now faster and is no longer interrupted by player movement
  • Placeables can now be placed through platforms
  • The “Esc” key now goes back ni main menu windows
  • Wherebot and Infobot now say the owner’s position instead of their own
  • Coordinate shards now stack to 50
  • The Command Center teleport list is now sorted
  • Corrected several typos
  • Updated several codex entries
  • Added Refining codex entry
  • All factories now open a codex
  • Added new character customization options
  • Added a “no accessory” option
  • Knowledge UI now displays weapon ammo type and energy consumption
  • Added energy consumption to weapon tooltips
  • Added Halloween Dungeon event
  • Added ghost armor and ghostly scythe for halloween dungeon event

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