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Patch V1.03: We Love Our Community!

Posted by Lady Aijou , in Patch Notes 24 September 2015 · 550 views

Hey ArkCoNauts!
After reading your feedback and listening to all the requests coming in, here is another round of changes, fixes, and balances that you guys helped us find. We are lucky to have such an engaged community, and we hope you’ll keep the feedback and reports coming!

  • Corrected an issue that could cause UI lag
  • Corrected an issue that caused the UI eventually to build up so much memory it would crash
  • Corrected an issue that would cause Lovebird to spawn outside of his room
  • Adjusted some schem requirements that involved achomium
  • Corrected an issue that could cause players to get stuck in tiles that sit above a slope
  • Melee weapons are better at hitting breakable objects
  • Left clicking at item in the knowledge window will open the crafting window to that item
  • Chests can be renamed
  • Fixed several issues with boomerang weapons. Some fixes will require re-crafting the weapon
  • Greatly reduced the number of creatures that spawn in mid-air
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the Headhunter Dungeon to loop back on itself or change the entry room
  • The door in the Headhunter Dungeon boss room should now open after killing the Master Brain
  • The Master Brain once again has loot
  • Removed a few spawners in the Headhunter Dungeon to avoid gaining aggro as soon as the player entered the room
  • Adjusted sound attenuation ranges. Fewer sounds should be audible off-screen
  • The “Smarty Pants” and “Building Better Worlds” achievements should track properly now
  • Nest events now give a choice of either leaving the area (and blowing up) or disarming the bombs. When a Nest explodes, a small portion of the resources are dropped
  • Rebalanced hazard anomalies. Green plasma trees and volcanic vents should be easier to handle
  • Plasma tree projectiles have a light source
  • Fixed an issue where NPC’s could get the “kill shot” preventing the player from getting credit
  • Laser Picks no longer have a long light beam for a split second after being equipped
  • Tools are no longer semi-equippable while mounted
  • Fixed an issue with the center point of Pulse Grenade and ArkLife area damage
  • Pulse Grenades ignore damage from creatures after they hit the ground
  • Several features in the top areas of planetoids now have background tiles
  • Spread out burst text (damage numbers, etc)
  • Adjusted window positions for low resolutions
  • Added a light source to the Earthworm pet
  • Breakable objects now leave loot if they are destroyed by mining the tile they are attached to
  • PIOS mode closes when pressing Esc
  • Players piloting Mechs will now get Science XP from kills
  • Fixed an issue that caused Command Centers to continue playing their sound after they were picked up
  • Added a light source to Command Centers
  • Tall Power Generators can now be placed in the world
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the Penguin Dungeon to fail to generate
  • Fixed the Strange Plant’s activation size
  • Fixed an issue where renaming Command Centers or Chests would not be immediately visible to other players
  • Automation tiles no longer disappear when mined
  • Several minor fixes for Nests and other events. These will only be visible in new worlds
  • Fixed an issue where the bomb timer sound in Nests would continue playing
  • Added Raptor Nests. These will only appear in new worlds
  • Vehicles no longer decay when no players or vehicle bays are nearby
  • Added a new pet to Companions 1: Where Bot. This pet tells you where you are

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