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Edge Of Space 1.0!!!!!!!

Posted by Lady Aijou , in Patch Notes 17 September 2015 · 972 views

Edge of Space 1.0!!!
Hey ArkCoNauts! Can’t believe we’re really saying it, but here it is! 1.0!! Before you settle in for a 5 page read on the notes for this patch, we want to extend a heartfelt thank you from the team. This journey has been challenging, and at many times exhausting, and we wouldn’t be here today if not for the community and all the years of bug reports, play testing, and support from all of you. Today represents a huge milestone for the game, and for us as a studio, as we step out of Early Access and into the realm of post-release development. We can’t make it clear enough, we plan to stand by Edge of Space, and continue to actively develop new content and features for the game, as well as continue our track record of nuking bugs and issues from orbit. As long as the game sees support from our players, we’ll be here working as hard as ever to keep delivering. We hope to see players who haven’t picked up the game in a long while, return to give it another go, and that those who have been playing actively will still be surprised by what we’ve done since the last public patch at the end of June. We’d also like to give a special thank you to the testers who opted in to the pre-launch testing, and who have been incredibly helpful in getting the game ready for today! Given the sheer size of this patch, we fully expect that things will break, so please be sure to file in game tickets, or join us on Discord live chat for real time tech support help (or just to hang out!). You can find our Discord server here:


Without further ado, we bring to you Edge of Space, 1.0!

Headline features:
  • New Events: Find nests, fortresses, and more! Complete the objectives, dominate the area, and make off with shiny new tiles and items to build with!****
  • New Lasers and Beams****
  • Terraforming: Dominate primal zones, upgrade your tech, make off with loot and special tiles, and take control of the entire world!
  • Melee weapons! Yes, we’ve done it! Who’s ready to hack n’ slash those crabs?! (angry nautilus, long sword, segmented sabers, blazing swords, axes)
  • Beam Weapons
  • Energy weapons
  • New vehicles
  • 13 New pets
  • New decoration items
  • Shiny new lighting!
  • Tutorial Replaced! Fineous will now be your guide to the dangers of Edge of Space, and he is brimming with new help topics to share!
  • Fineous the Laser Shark mount! You asked, we listened!
  • Craftable Battle Mech is here!
  • Dungeon map system! The game will now track your location in the dungeons, no more getting lost!
  • Rifts Return! Random events can happen anytime, anywhere! Find the epic battle mech and cause destruction before it runs out of fuel; defend a platform under attack by hordes of jellies; stumble into deadly hazards and nests full of bad guys!
  • Steam Achievements!
Changes & Additions
  • Bloom lighting effects added
  • Added flies to protobiome
  • Picks now generate unique particles upon striking tiles
  • Factories have been redesigned
  • All tiles now have unique particle ejection based on tile type
  • Master Cryopod no longer uses cryorods
  • Crafted cryopods now apply benefits to player when rods are present and player experiences a death event
  • Added dungeon active time length to dungeon nav data tooltips
  • Unpowered skiff pads will now report that they are unpowered when attempting to use
  • Formations, placeables, and creatures now show a “hover over” name plate
  • Placeables that are out of range now report such in “hover over” text plate
  • Zooming now closes PIOS UI
  • Cryopod SFX now plays in MP mode
  • Chests now have a “take all” button
  • Command Centers can now be named
  • Placeables are now outlined in red when attempting to place in invalid location
  • Various UI windows are now closed by Esc
  • Updated art for many placeables and furniture
  • Point Defense Kit no longer attacks docile creatures or plasma trees
  • 13 new Headhunter schematics
  • Updated UI so that toolbar is now in the top center of the screen, with the kits to the left of it, and clock to the right
  • Upgrade platforms now located within primal zones, no longer randomly located elsewhere. They will be easy to find now, rejoice!
  • Nests now have placeable items you can take, if you’re lucky! (10-20% chance they survive the explosions)
  • Lots of optimization (projectiles, memory allocation, placeable generation, etc)
  • Plentiful updates to sound (volume fixes, new sounds, etc)
  • Adjustments to some of the guns: Rifles now have a 3 second reload base reload time changed from 2.5 seconds. Carbines had there 3 second reload time turned to 2 seconds, the tutorial gun had its damage reduced from 4 to 3 and increased clip size from 10 to 20.
  • Removed hand drawn map (it sounded better in our heads!)
  • The wiki is now accessible from the quick menu
  • Added new billboard quest types
  • Avatar names are now limited to 32 characters
  • World names are now limited in length and to alphanumeric names, no spaces
  • Party invites now appear in the lower right hand corner, so as not to interfere with player activity
  • Added option to reverse mouse wheel scroll direction
  • Party member names now display over their portrait on the party UI
  • Added ability to delete or backspace to enter numbers in the craft spinner and split item stack spinner
  • Added option to disable screen shake
  • Added new creature spawning system, which will balance out the amount of creatures seen, as well as ensuring there are not long periods with no creatures spawning.
  • Added frog riding, just for fun!
  • Revive bar is now shown over downed players, starts in the middle, drains down till death and respawn; a player being healed by another player will gain till their bar is full, then get back up
  • Loader, Zephyr, Thunderhead, Overlord, and Shadow vehicles have new AoE buffs instead of the generic regen buff
  • Adjustments to ore generation to bring it into balance with schematic requirements; schematics using materials generated by factories were previously difficult to complete
  • Knowledge trees are no longer unlocked via other categories; all trees are no available from the beginning of the game.
  • Art updates on many placeables, plants, etc
  • Science XP bar moved to bottom of the screen
  • Added an option for toolbar to be the first row in inventory; if option is disabled, inventory items on the toolbar currently will be highlighted
  • Starter items are now pre-equipped on the player at spawn
  • Crafting window now remembers your filters
  • Tier 6 tech upgrades have been added
  • Adjusted Science XP for upgrades from 400 to 700 per unlock
  • Player walk animation now runs backwards when player is moving backwards
  • Volume adjustments across the board
  • Creature Death SFX functional again.
  • Added Spikesphere & Firesphere SFX
  • Added ANC & FNZ Drone SFX
  • Added Deployable Turret 1,2 & 3 shot SFX
  • Added Bonewing SFX
  • Added Hornet Drone SFX
  • Added Headcrab SFX
  • Added Zombie SFX
  • Added Scord SFX
  • Added UI Collect and Drop SFX for various items
  • Pulse Laser 1,2 and Beam Laser 2 SFX Redone
  • Mech footsteps, jump and land SFX redone and added to the vehicle.
  • Added Energy gun SFX: Beam Laser 1,2,3 Electric Gun 1,2,3, Multibeam 1,2,3, Pulse Laser 1,2,3, Revenger 1,2,3.
  • Added Projectile Knowledge gun SFX: Boomerang 1,2,3, Pulse Grenade Launcher 1,2,3, Multishot 1,2,3, Det Charge 1,2,3, Rolling Mortar 1,2,3, Proximity Mortar 1,2,3, Airburst 1,2,3, Charge Blast 1,2,3.
  • Added Chicken Mech SFX
  • Zombie Death SFX Redone
  • Cave ambience added, to protolife, comet and barrens dungeons
  • Added Fineous, Fineous Chrome and Bear vehicle SFX
  • Added Rejuvination Beam 1 SFX
  • Added Hallow Jetpack SFX
  • Added Assassins rifle SFX
  • Remastered all tracks
  • Added a secondary overworld track to Protolife Biome
  • Added a secondary overworld track to Comet Biome
  • Added night music to Comet Biome
  • Added 2 overworld tracks to Barrens as well as 1 undergorund and 1 night time track.
  • Updated Billboard quests to grant more varied rewards
  • Some BIllboard quests now grant science XP
  • Improved sorting in crafting window
  • Updated all nav data to be stackable
  • Plasma bear no longer attacks through 1 tile wide walls or doors
  • Full cinematic intro video is now viewable when you load the game (no more “To Be Continued…!)
  • All vehicles have been adjusted for health and fuel
  • Bosses in dungeons now have boss health bar
  • All plants now have appropriate xp gain
  • Added generators for PIOS
  • Rebalance and organization of schematics and progression

  • Overworld chests can no longer be picked up without emptying them
  • Airlock door sounds no longer play on world entry
  • Corrected an issue with skiff pad where the UI could flicker or the nav data would fail to load
  • Corrected an issue where knowledges UI could get corrupted
  • If a tooltip gets stuck open clicking anywhere on the screen will close it
  • Corrected an issue related to double dialogs
  • Corrected a flow of operations issue with codex
  • Offset vine formations to prevent vines from hanging from the tiles
  • Players talking in alternate worlds will now correctly display their names in chat
  • Corrected an issue where using the “take all” button on an empty chest will report a full inventory
  • Corrected an issue where contact damage with creatures was not always occurring in MP Mode
  • Corrected an issue where beam towers in north pole defense event could get stuck in an “on” state if the tower was altered during firing sequence
  • Corrected an issue where PIOS doors in alternate worlds would not always function
  • Corrected an issue that would cause elevator platform to vanish
  • Fixed multiple inventory stacking issues
  • Corrected an issue where player chat in MP mode could cause crashes
  • Conversation windows with NPCs close when player moves too far away
  • Corrected an issue where leaving a jelly nest mount active in a world would corrupt the world file
  • Corrected several issues where creatures could spawn inside of the tiles
  • Corrected icons for Omegatron items
  • Fixed an issue where backgrounds didn’t appear behind platforms
  • Fixed an issue where players could pass through closed doors on multiplayer
  • Fixed an issue where doors would change terrain around them when opened and closed
  • Corrected multiple issues with chunks loading
  • Fixed an issue where players couldn’t mine directly in front of them/at very close range
  • Adjusted size of basic workbench
  • Fixed an issue where tooltips would sometimes go offscreen
  • Fixed multiple issues with DJ Penguin and DJ Penguin dungeon
  • Fixed an issue where you couldn’t place tiles behind platforms if the background was empty
  • Fixed an issue where some guns were not damaging enemies
  • Fixed an issue where powered lights were sometimes giving light without power
  • Fixed an issue where dungeon rooms were looping back, leaving players stuck

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